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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Notebooks / записные книжки
Title (Date)Название (переводчик)

Thoughtbook of Frances Scott Key Fitzgerald of St. Paul Minn USA (1910) (20 MBytes pdf file)


F. Scott Fitzgerald's Ledger (transcription) (1937)

Scan of the Ledger (from USC Library)


The Scrapbooks of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (Scans from PU Library)

I. This Side of Paradise (1920).

II. This Side of Paradise (1920) to The Beautiful and Damned (1922).

III. Tales of the Jazz Age (1922) to All the Sad Young Men (1926).

IV. The Great Gatsby (1925) to silent-film version of Gatsby (1926).

V. Tender Is the Night (1934) to Taps at Reveille (1935).

VI. F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Baby Book" (1896-1915).

VII. "A Scrap Book Record, compiled from many sources of interest to and concerning one F. Scott Fitzgerald" (ca. 1900-1919).


Complete text of
the Notebooks of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Preface by M. J. Bruccoli

A. Anecdotes

B. Bright clippings

C. Conversation and things observed

D. Descriptions of Things and Atmosphere

E. Epigrams, Wisecracks and Jokes

F. Feelings and emotions (without Girls)

G. Descriptions of Girls

H. Description of Humanity (Physical)

I. Ideas

J. Jingles and Songs

K. Karacters

L. Literary

M. Moments (What people do)

N. Nonsense and Stray phrases

O. Observations

P. Proper Names

R. Rough Stuff

S. Scenes and Situations

T. Titles

U. Unclassified

V. Vernacular

W. Work References

Y. Youth and Army

Z.(Appendix) Loose Notes [with the material for The Last Tycoon.]

Выборка из записных книжек
(А. Зверева, В. Когана, А. Ливерганта)


A: Анекдоты

B: Нужные цитаты

C: Разговоры, услышанные фразы

D: Описания: природа, атмосфера

E: Эпиграммы, шутки

F: Чувства (не любовные)

G: Описания женщин

H: Описания разных людей (физические)

I: Сюжеты

J: Стихи и песни

K: Характеры

L: Литературные заметки

M: Мгновения (как люди поступают)

N: Нелепости и случайные фразы

O: Наблюдения


Сырой материал

S: Сцены и ситуации

T: Названия

U: Разное

Родной язык

Рабочие заметки

Y: Юность и армия

Z: (Приложение) Записи периода работы над «Последним магнатом»

Interviews/ Интервью
It's Great To Be A Girl – For Three Hours Only, by Jane Grey (St. Paul Dispatch, 29 December 1915) 
Interview 1920, by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Saturday Review, XLIII, 5 November 1960)Интервью с Ф. Скоттом Фицджеральдом (А.Б. Руднев)
Books, by Heywood Broun (New York Tribune, 7 May 1920) 
More Than Hundred Notes of Rejection Failed to Halt Scott Fitzgerald's Pen (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2nd section, 12 September 1920) 
Have Faith in Fitzgerald, by H.H. (Chicago Daily News, 27 October 1920) 
Fitzgerald, Flappers and Fame, by Frederick James Smith (Shadowland III, January 1921) 
Scott Fitzgerald Here on Vacation: "Rests" by Outlining New Novels, by Thomas Alexander Boyd (St. Paul Daily News, City Life Section, 28 August 1921) 
Scott Fitzgerald Speaks at Home, by Thomas Alexander Boyd (St. Paul Daily News, City Life Section, 4 December 1921) 
There Are Super-Flappers In Adition To Flippant Ones, St. Paul Author Opines (1921) 
Literary Libels - Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, by Thomas Alexander Boyd (St. Paul Daily News, City Life Section, 5-12-19 March 1922) 
The Lion's Cage, by J.V.A.W. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 25 March 1922) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Novelist, Shocked by "Younger Marrieds" and Prohibition, by Marguerite Mooers Marshall (New York Evening World, 1 April 1922) 
Fitzgerald Condemns St. Paul Flappers, by John O'Donnell (St. Paul Daily News, I, 16 April 1922) 
The Gossip Shop (The Bookman, LV, May 1922) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald-Juvenile Juvenal of the Jeunesse Jazz, by Roy L. McCardell (New York Morning Telegraph, magazine section, 12 November 1922) 
Middle West Girl More at Home in Kitchen Than in Ballroom, Says F. Scott Fitzgerald (1923) 
Novelist Flays Drys, Exalting Our Flappers (New York Daily News, 24 January 1923) 
Prediction Is Made About James Novel: F. Fitzgerald Believes "Ulysses" Is Great Book of Future (Richmond Times-Dispatch, II, 24 June 1923)Пророчество о романе Джеймса Джойса: Ф. С. Фицджеральд считает, что «Улисс» станет великой книгой будущего (А.Б. Руднев)
Novelist Loved Atlanta Girl's Picture, by Peggy Mitchell (Atlanta Journal, 30 September 1923) 
What a "Flapper Novelist" Thinks of His Wife (Detroit News, Metropolitan Section, 30 September 1923) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald on "Minnie McGluke", by B.F. Wilson (Picture-Play, XIX, October 1923) 
F Scott Fitzgerald Says: "All Women Over Thirty-five Should be Murdered", by B.F. Wilson (Metropolitan Magazine, LVIII, November 1923) 
[Interview with Fitzgerald about movie version of This Side of Paradise, Grit, and Vegetable] (1924) 
Fitzgerald and Flappers (1920) 
Fitzgerald, Flapperdom's Fiction Ace, Qualifies as Most Brilliant Author, but Needs Press Agent, Says Scribe, by Bart Fulton (1920s) 
Painted St. Paul's Name on Literary Sign board (1920s) 
His Fame Arrived Early (1920s) 
Horace B. Liveright, Gelett Burgess, F. Scott Fitzgerald And Others Of Authors' League Fellowship Help Along “Friendly Discourse” (1920s) 
Was This Author Merely Teasing At Woman's College Or Did He Forget? by Bart Fulton (1920s) 
Is the Jelly Bean from Georgia? by Ward Greene (1920s) 
Notes on Personalities, IV-F.Scott Fitzgerald, by B.F. Wilson (The Smart Set, LXXIII, April 1924) 
F Scott Fitzgerald, by Charles C. Baldwin (in book: The Men Who Make Our Novels. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1924) 
American Writer Finds a Home in Rome (1925) 
Gatsby's' Author Boasts His Child, Not His Novel (1925) 
N.Y. "400" Apes Chicago Manner; Fails; So Dull, by Henry Wales (Chicago Daily Tribune, 7 December 1925) 
Un Giovane Autore Americano, by V.R. (1925) 
Ellin Mackay's Bored Debutantes Are Satirised By Scott Fitzgerald (Chigago Daily Tribune, Paris Edition, 7 December 1925) 
Frankness Often Wins A Husband, by Mary Rennels (1925) 
Novelist Admires French (Baltimore Evening Sun, 21 December 1926) 
Where the French outcasts us (1920s) 
Delavare-Paris: F. Scott Fitzgerald, by Nino Frank (1920s) 
Popular Writer Leaves For Pau(1926) 
Fitzgerald, Spenglerian, by Harry Salpeter (New York World, 3 April 1927)Фицджеральд, шпенглерианец (А.Б. Руднев)
Has the Flapper Changed? by Margaret Reid (Motion Picture Magazine, XXXIII, July 1927) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Upholds His Own Generation, by Muriel Babcock (1927) 
Flaming Youth Called Feeble, by Muriel Babcock (1927) 
Scott Fitzgerald Lays Success to Reading, by Gilmore Millen (1927) 
F Scott Fitzgerald, by Charles G. Shaw (in book: The Low-Down. New York: Henry Holt, 1928) 
[Interview with Fitzgerald and Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. about beauty contest] (1929) 
Fitzgerald Back from Riviera; Is Working on Novel (Chicago Daily Tribune, Paris Edition, 9 April 1929)Фицджеральд вернулся с Ривьеры; работает над романом (А.Б. Руднев)
They Write Books - The Gin and Jazz Age, by William Whitman (Boston Globe, 13 April 1929) 
La Vie de Boheme (As Lived on the Left Bank), by Wambly Bald (Chigago Daily Tribune, Paris Edition, 16 December 1929) 
Fitzgerald Finds He Has Outgrown Jazz Age Novel (1929) 
Scott Fitzgeralds to Spend Winter Here Writing Books, by Keith Walling (Montgomery Advertiser, 8 October 1931) 
Scott Fitzgerald Seeking Home Here (Baltimore Sun, 8 May 1932) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Is Hunting Trouble (Baltimore Evening Sun, 29 June 1932) 
Fitzgeralds Felt Insecure in France; Now Live Here (Baltimore Evening Sun, 25 October 1932) 
No, Not Cellar-Door!' Baltimore Writers Cry (Baltimore Post, 13 December 1932) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Is Visitor in City; New Book Appears Soon (Charlottesville Daily Progress, 25 May 1933) 
Holds "Flappers" Fail As Parents (New York Times, 18 September 1933) Эмансипе - неудачные родители (А.Б. Руднев)
Kids Of Ex-Flappers Have Pretty Sorry Treatment, F Scott Fitzgerald Asserts (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 18 September 1933) 
Ivory Towers to Let, by Malcolm Cowley (The New Republic, LXXVIII, 18 April 1934) 
Looking At Youth, by Mary Margaret McBride (New York World – Telegram, 04 June 1934) 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Staying at Hotel Here (Asheville Citizen-Times, 21 July 1935) 
Our 'Oh yeah' generation, Thomas G., Ed. (Journal [Atlanta], 25 August 1935) 
That Sad Young Man, by JP Mosher (1930s) 
Fitzgerald's Six Generations, by Anthony Buttitta (Raleigh News and Observer, 1 September 1935) 
The Other Side of Paradise: Scott Fitzgerald, 40, Engulfed in Despair, by Michel Mok (New York Post, 25 September 1936)Другая сторона рая: в свои 40 писатель Скотт Фицджеральд объят отчаянием (А.Б. Руднев)
Wanger Blends Abruptness with Charm in Personality, by John D. Hess (The Dartmouth, 11 February 1939) 
An Encounter with Fitzgerald In a North Carolina Bookshop, by Anthony Buttitta (San Francisco Chronicle, supplement'This World', 26 August 1962) 
The Virtue of Persistence 
The Complete Text of Notebooks, Ledger, Scrapbooks, Diaries and Interviews by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Все записи из Записных книжек, Гроссбуха, Альбомов, Дневников и Интервью Френсиса Скотта Фицджеральда