Flaming Youth Called Feeble
by Muriel Babcock

F. Scott Fitzgerald Upholds its Own Generation

“Preflappers”, Not Flappers, Favorite Characters

Filmdom Found More Polite Than On Last Visit

The flapper generation was ruined by the war.

The preflapper group has still a chance to do something, to make itself heard.

The postwar generation is pretty feeble.

The youth of today—an unknown quantity.

Thus F. Scott Fitzgerald, in town to write for the movies, who once in the long ago (1920) told a very much surprised and somewhat shocked world about what the younger generation was doing in its spare time, who wrote frankly of sad young men and beautiful young women, of their thoughts, feelings, moods, their gin and necking parties.

Prewar group

F. Scott Fitzgerald is still writing about these same people. His generation. The prewar, preflapper group, he calls them, as they are moving and living today.

“It is a mistake to call my generation the flapper group,” he said, “they were preflapper. The belonged to the period before the…

(continued in page 10, column 2)

Published in unlocated newspaper (1927).