[Fitzgerald and the Movies]
[Interview with Fitzgerald about movie version of This Side of Paradise, Grit, and Vegetable]

literary experience to press agenting, would take a few dozen of the younger good writers and first-rate newspapermen and try some such experiment as the Eminent Author—I think it would undoubtedly lead to better stories being written for the movies. These younger men would learn the technique first of all. They would bring a freshness and enthusiasm to their work which has been lacking, and this together with their creative ability, would certainly introduce a far better method of obtaining good material than any method used up until now. Don't you agree with me?” he asked.

We certainly did and suggested that he try the idea out with some big film organization.

“I am doing something of this sort with Famous Players now,” he replied. “They are going to produce 'This Side of Paradise.’ with Glenn Hunter in the leading role. I have written first of all a ten-thousand word condensation of my book. This is not a synopsis, but a variation of the story better suited for screening inasmuch as the book was a rambling, disconnected sort of tiling, and had to be changed to fit the filming of it. After it has been O. K ’d. I still work along with an experienced continuity writer on the scenario. This is a sort of experiment made by Famous Players, and I believe it is almost the first time anything of the kind has been done. I shall also have a hand in editing, titling and criticizing the picture—in short. I will be practically responsible for the whole story when it is finished with the exception of the actual shooting of the picture.”

“Are you limiting your work now to the movies,” we asked.

“I should say not,” replied this indolent-looking youth. “I have just finished an original story in which Glenn Hunter is working for the Film Guild. The name of it is ‘Grit,' and it has never been published. I wrote it for the Film Guild and Jim Creelman, one of the best continuity writers in the business revamped it. and they are filming it now. My comedy, you know. ‘The Vegetable,' has been accepted for fall production by Sam Harris. That is my first play, and I am somewhat excited about its making a hit. Have you read it? Well, it is a queer thing, and I don’t know just how it is going to go on the stage. I am also working on a novel—I think I have got hold of a very big idea, and I am very anxious to finish it. Outside of the play, the work for Famous, the novel and several orders for short stories. I haven’t a thing to do at present.”

Published in unlocated newspaper (1924).