The Notebooks
of F. Scott Fitzgerald

(B) Bright clippings


Snowladen evergreens will decorate the stairway and foyer leading to the ballroom, where a reproduction of the boat in which the Viking princes, at the invitation of the Russians, came to rule Russia in the ninth century, will be arranged against a mirrored background. Its huge golden sails will bear the imperial insignia, the double-headed eagle, and Joss Moss and his orchestra, in Russian garb will be seated in the craft.
Flags of old Russia will recall the imperial regime. The ancient Russian custom of welcoming guests will be invoked by six young Russian girls, in costume, who will serve to those arriving, at a table near the ballroom entrance, tiny squares of black bread dipped in salt and small tumblers of vodka.
Prince Alexis Obolensky will sing during the midnight supper in the oval restaurant and will present the Siberian Singers, a male ensemble on their first appearance in New York, in a selection of Russian folk songs. Several dance numbers will feature the enter­tainment.


“Blossom Time”—the greatest musical romance ever written. Cleveland: One of the best musical sows written in modern times.


“Men of Genius are great as certain ethereal Chemicals operating on the Mass of neutral intellect—but they have not any individuality, and determined Character.”——Keats.


Egyptian Proverb:

The worst things:
To be in bed and sleep not,
To want for one who comes not,
To try to please and please not.

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