F. Scott Fitzgerald Is Hunting Trouble

Seeks Daughter’s Puppy, Kind Of Dog That Chased Eliza over the Ice

F. Scott Fitzgerald, the writer, is hunting for Trouble—the pet bloodhound of his daughter, Scottie. Trouble disappeared Sunday night from the Fitzgerald home at Rodgers Forge. If anybody has seen hint since they’ve kept it to themselves.

Trouble—10 months of it—is a native of Alabama, coming from an old family of Alabama bloodhounds that arc reputed to have trailed runaway slaves through the swamplands in this mint-julep days. The Massachusetts branch of the family toured the country for years with “Uncle Tom's Cabin,” chasing Eliza across the ice twice daily, rain or shine, with a street parade at high noon.

Doubts Pup Is Homesick

“I don’t know what happened to him.” Mr. Fitzgerald said today. “He simply disappeared. I don't know why he should have left. He had the run of twenty-eight acres and everybody around him was friendly. Maybe somebody took him. I don't know.”

He scouted suggestions that Trouble might have become homesick for Alabama. He said Trouble had been away from his native State for a long time and he thought that he was big enough to be over things like that.

When last seen Trouble's hair was brown, his eyes were sad and his brow was wrinkled with the traditional cares of a bloodhound.

Maryland 1930s

Published in Baltimore Evening Sun newspaper (29 June 1932).