Popular Writer Leaves for Pau

Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of America’s most popular and youthful novelists, left Paris last night, accompanied by Mrs. Fitzgerald and their four-year old daughter. Scotty, for Pau. Mr. Fitzgerald has been in ill health of late and he is leaving Paris in the hope of recuperating his strength at Pau. Later in the season, he will go to Nice.

“How long will you be away?” he was asked by a Tribune reporter at the Quai d’Orsay last night as he stepped on the train.

“Perhaps for five years.” Then, he explained this cryptic utterance by adding that he may return to the United States via Orient, naturally, gathering local color for further novels en route.

Mr. Fitzgerald also announced that his novel, “The Great Gatsby,” has been dramatized by Owen Davis and will have its first performance in Baltimore, Monday night, January 25. The leading male role will be taken by Mr. James Rennie (husband of Dorothy Gish), while Miss Kathryn Eltridge will be the leading woman.

Published in Paris Tribune newspaper (1925).