The Notebooks
of F. Scott Fitzgerald

(W) Work References


For Shaggy: Dogs are supposed to want to talk but that’s just one of the phoney ideas people have about us.


Correction of New Yorker Poem:
Was that each of us got holy
then got mad
Trying to give the third one to
the other.


For Tender is the Night
Book I Insert 2 words at beginning (To P. 148) The Prelude
Book II Before the Prelude (To P. 212) Insert 3 words on P. 149 prelude
Book III After the Prelude (To P. 306) Insert 3 words on sep. page. Just don’t number Chaps. 11 to 23 would be chaps. 1 to 13.
Book IV Suite (To end) Insert one word on P. 307
Renumbering of Chapters.

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