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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Plays and Scripts / пьесы и сценарии
Title (Date)Название (переводчик)
Drama scripts:
The Girl from Lazy J (1911)  
The Captured Shadow (1912)  
The Coward (1913)  
Assorted Spirits (1914)  
Shadow Laurels (1915) Венец из призрачного лавра (А. Б. Руднев)
Тень лаврового венка (Е. Калявина)
Precaution Primarily (1917) Предосторожность - прежде всего! (А. Б. Руднев)
The Debutante (1917 version)
The Debutante (1919 version)
*This one-act play has been incorporated in This Side of Paradise novel.
Её первый бал (1917) (А. Олькова)
Её первый бал (1919) (М.Ф. Лорие)
* Пьеса включена в роман "По эту сторону Рая".
Porcelain and Pink (A One-Act Play) (January 1920) Фаянсовый и розовый (пьеса в одном действии) (А. Б. Руднев)
Фаянсовое и розовое (С. Сухарев)
Mister Icky: The Quintessence of Quaintness in One Act (March 1920) Мистер Липкин: квинтэссенция эксцентрики в одном действии (А. Б. Руднев)
Мистер Ики (С. Сухарев)
This is a Magazine (1920) Это - журнал! (А. Б. Руднев)
Мистер Ики (С. Сухарев)
The Vegetable, or from President to Postman (1922) Размазня: комедия в 3х действиях (В. Харитонов и Р. Черный)
The Vegetable: A lost Chicago review (1922)  
The Broadcast We Almost Heard Last September (1935) Радиопрограмма, едва не прозвучавшая в сентябре прошлого года (А. Б. Руднев)
Loves Melody (1935) on YouTube service, performed in 2013 in Tryon Fine Arts center  
Let’s Go Out and Play ("The Great Game") (1935, October 3, WABC radio)  
The Broadcast We Are Waiting To Hear (?)  
"Send Me In, Coach" (1936) «Тренер, дайте мне сыграть!» (А. Б. Руднев)
Возьми меня в команду, тренер! (Арина Олькова)
"Дай мне шанс, тренер" (В. Дорогокупля)
Lives of the Dancers - ballet synopsis (1936, February 08 - Notebooks#1599)  
Ballet Shoes - ballet proposal (1936) Пуанты (Антон Руднев)
The King Who Wanted An Appetite (1936)  
Love of a Lifetime (1936)  
It Was Just Too Bad (1936 - Notebooks#764)  
"Prison play" (Institutional Humanitarism) (1937) Тюремная пьеса Скотта Фицджеральда (А.Б. Руднев)
Dame Rumor (with Sheilah Graham) (1938)  
Home to Mother - radioscript (?)  
Broadcast №13 - radioscript (?)  
"Panic" (play about Gen. Hood) (?)  
Movie work (scenarios):
This Side of Paradise (Notes for scenario) (1920)  
The Glimpses of the Moon (Titles for the silent movie, not used) (1923)  
Grit (Original story for the silent movie) (1924)  
Lipstick: A College Comedy (1927, January)  
The Red-Headed Woman, by Katherine Brush (1931: Dec)  
Gracie at Sea (1934)
Gracie at Sea (revised 1937)
Грейси на море (А.Б. Руднев)
Грейси на море (новая редакция) (А.Б. Руднев)
Tender is the Night (Summary movie treatment) (1934)  
A Star is Born (1937 - ?)  
Yank at Oxford (1937, July 07-26)  
Three Comrades (A Screenplay) (1937: Aug 04, Sep 01, Dec 01; 1938: Feb 01)  
Infidelity (A Screenplay) (1938: Feb 03, Mar 09, Mar 19, Apr 26)  
Marie Antoinette (1938: May 16)  
The Women (1938: May 27 - Oct 08)  
Madame Curie (1938: Nov 07 - 1939: Jan 03)  
Gone With the Wind (1939: Jan 11-24)  
Winter Carnival (1939: Feb 01-11)  
Air Raid (1939: Mar 14-31)  
Honeymoon in Bali (1939: ?)  
The Feather Fan (1939) Веер с перьями (Антон Руднев)
Open That Door, based on novel Bull by the horns by Charles Bonner (1939: Aug 16-22)  
Everything Happens at Night (1939: Sep - just one day)  
Raffles (1939: Sep 06-12)  
Love is a Pain (1939) Любовь - это боль (Антон Руднев)
Cosmopolitan (Babylon Revisited) (1940: Mar - Aug)  
Brooklyn Bridge (1940: Aug 12)  
Captured Shadow (1940: Aug ??)  
The Light of Heart (Life Begins at Eight-Thirty) (1940: Oct 11)  
Libeled Lady (?)  
Broken Soil (?)  
The Story of Pierce Sharlert (?)  
Crazy Sundays, by Aaron Latham (1971)
Preface and acknowledements
Chapter 1: A Day at the Studio 1938
Chapter 2: Flashback
Chapter 3: Beginning in Hollywood
Chapter 4: The Wrong Kind of Picture
Chapter 5: Tender Is the Night and the Movies
Chapter 6: A Yank at Oxford: Pictures of Words
Chapter 7: Three Comrades: Words, Words, Words
Chapter 8: Infidelity: A Picture Worth a Book of Words
Chapter 9: The Women: Epitaph for the Spoiled Heroine
Chapter 10: Madame Curie: Brave New Heroine
Chapter 11: Free-Lancing
Chapter 12: Cosmopolitan: Splicing It Together
Chapter 13: “Action Is Character”
The plays of F. Scott Fitzgerald - Пьесы Френсиса Скотта Фицджеральда