The Notebooks
of F. Scott Fitzgerald

(I) Ideas


People Born in -   Childhood Youth Y.M
1840 Cleveland 40s 50s 60s
1850 Father 50s 60s 70s
1860 Wilson & Roosevelt 60s 70s 80s
1870 Coolidge & Harding 70s 80s 90s
1880 (Mencken) 80s 90s 00s
1890 Max P. 90s 00s teens
65 10 in 75 20 in 85 30 in 95
70 ” “ 80 ” “ 90 “ “ 00
75 ” “ 85 ” “ 95 ” “ 05
80 ” “ 90 “ “ 00 “ “ 10
85 ” “ 95 ” “ 05 ” “ 15

696 Play in which revolutionist in big scene “Kill me,” etc. displays all bourgeoise talents hiterto emphasized, paralyzes them with his superiority and then shoots them.

697 Lois and the bear hiding in the Yellowstone.

698 A person perfectly happy succumbing to the current excitement and looking for trouble. Each time he or she is rescued except the last. Begin with her attempt to achieve real point with her husband—end with her losing it because of this superimposed excitement hunting. One scene where she’s pathetic Zelda-Gimma natural—another where you want to wring her neck for ignorant selfishness.

699 For Play
Personal charm.
Elsa Maxwell.
Pasts—great maturity of characters.
Children—their sex and incomprehension of others.
Serious work and worker involved. No more patience with idlers unless about them.

700 Helpmate—Man running for congress gets hurt in line of other duty and while he’s unconscious his wife, on bad advice, plans to run in his stead. She makes a fool of herself. He saves her face.

701 Family breaks up. It leaves mark on three children, two of whom ruin themselves keeping a family together and a third who doesn’t.

702 A young woman bill collector undertakes to collect a ruined man’s debts. They prove to be moral as well as financial.

703 Sam Ordway running away from it all and finding that new menage is just the same.

704 Man wants to see Bermuda. Goes there and is sick the whole time and sees it only as he leaves.

705 Widely separated family inherit a house and have to live there together.

706 Fairy who fell for wax dummy

707 Three people caught in triangle by desperation. Can’t resolve it geographically, so it is chrystallized and they have to go on indefinitely living that way.

708 Evelyn’s tragedy: Vagabonds and Debut

709 Plot—if I were rich. He became such Dream (not told) starts with who he wouldn’t help, unsympathetic. Goes through schemes Princeton, etc. People that he wouldn’t help become more and more sympathetic in bad place. Other schemes fail. Wakes up disillusioned. Would now help—those people

710 Early Contacts —When I was young I had the opportunity of meeting a very few great men anonymously. They were all in varying degrees unconscious of the fact that they were meeting one of the—but no, let that pass it has no place in a perfectly serious piece which is to describe the influence of big people on a once pure and sensitive— plasm.

711 Caruso
A. D. Hurt (Alger boy)
W. J. Bryan
Hobey Baker
Stuart Hienzeman
Taft (?)
Duc de Richlieu and Lord Aberdeen
Freddy McLaughlin

712 Andrew Fulton, a facile character who can do anything is married to girl who can’t express herself. She has a growing jealousy of his talents. The night of her musical show for the Junior League comes and is a great failure. He takes hold and saves the pieces and can’t understand why she hates him for it. She has interested a dealer secretly in her pictures (or designs or sculptures) and plans to make independent living. But the dealer has only been sold on one specimen. When he sees the rest he shakes his head. Andrew in a few minutes turned out something in putty and the dealer perks up and says “That’s what we want.” She is furious.

713 A Funeral—His own ashes kept blowing in his eyes. Everything was over by six and nothing remained but a small man to mark the spot. There were no flowers requested or proferred. The corpse stirred faintly during the evening but otherwise the scene was one of utter quietude

714 Story about man trying to live down his crazy past and encountering it everywhere.

715 Ballet Story —Baseball-Lifar

716 Movie talk-back idea

717 A tree finding water pierces roof and solves a mystery

718 Father teaches son to gamble on fixed machine; later the son unconsciously loses his girl on it.

719 A criminal confesses his crime methods to a reformer, who uses them that same night.

720 Girl and giraffe

721 Marionettes during dinner party meeting and kissing

722 Play opens with man run over

723 Play of gangster—balloons

724 Play about a whole lot of old people—terrible things happen to them and they don’t really care.

725 Dolly Wilde

726 Flower shop, Bishop, Malmaison, Constantine, clinics, black men, nurses

727 Caulkins or Eduardo story

728 Snubs—Gen. Mannsul, Telulah phone, Hotel O’Con­nor, Ada Farewell, Toulman party, Barrymore, Tal­madge, and M. Davies. Emily Davies, Tommy H. meeting and bottle, Frank Ritz and Derby, Univ. Chicago, Vallambrosa and yacht, Condon, Gerald in Paris, Ernest apartment.

729 The Tyrant Who Had To Let His Family Have Their Way For One Day.

730 Idea of accidental death of wife husband is tired of. Makes a hero of her after.

731 For Sketch—Memories of the war
How I took the brass band to etc.

732 Story: A man who wanted an elephant, or some such one of the wisest of beasts who could not talk. Then began to try to teach him to talk.

733 The Dancer Who Found She Could Fly

734 Words

735 Boobs Bones Mistaken for John The Baptist

736 There was once a moving picture magnate who was ship-wrecked on a desert island with nothing but two dozen cans of film. (Herbert Howe)

737 Angered by a hundred rejection slips he wrote an extroadinarily good story and sold it privately to twenty different magazines. Within a single fortnight it was thrust twenty times upon the public. The headstone was contributed by the Author’s League.

738 Idea—like in The Gallows Wait (unsuccessful in Fortitude) of a man taking girl for granted and coming back upon girl changed. Unable to understand at first. Examine the situation. In light of previous pop-into-bed spirit.

739 Short Story—man’s admission to himself that he’s no longer in love.

740 Somebody buying an old State car. (suggested by the car having belonged to a president)

741 The man who killed the idea tanks in England—his after life.

742 Play—The Office—an orgy after hours during the boom.

743 Gerald’s story of Clews.

744 Two things. Two parties at Ellerslie Smith and Lois.

745 Unusual death—man pierced by his own belt buckle.

746 Two middle-aged well dressed men meet on bridge where each intends suicide. They exchange stories. One has succeeded too late after terrible struggles, loss of girls etc. The other begins with great dreams, hint frustration, etc. But suprise end is, “No, I got it.”

747 A bat chase. Some desperate young people apply for jobs at Camp, knowing nothing about wood lore but pretending, each one.

748 Man who gives up just before his chance comes—but happy end and girl.

749 Bijou as a girl in Athens meeting German legacy people in secret. Representing her mother.

750 Seven instead of ten (crank’s idea)

751 Idea of husband who had on convention badge and lover on tram who pretends he doesn’t know husband and convinces indirectly of innocence. When he’s gone husband remembers badge.

752 Mrs. William Mitchell robbed.

753 Jesse or Shep, the bootlegger was deaf. W.C.T.U. preaching in St. Petersburg. $67,000 in three months during boom rum running. Girls on the street.

754 Phillip Marshall Brown on train about Buchmanism.

755 Marberry’s story about catcher who threw sweet potatoes.

756 Negro accused of chicken stealing makes up tragic and sympathetic defense—then pockets chickens and goes home.

757 Day with a busy man. Combine the day of Ernest’s pictures, the man of genius episode,

758 To make a study of Japanese humility—with myself as Japanese. Idea of height etc. Sharp differentiation from Jewish humility.

759 Story: Photographer looking for a picture surprised on a man’s face Crook Gambler looking for truth. Man being the one who gained the Sweepstakes. Both have to know the truth and suspect each other.

760 Driving over the rooftops on a bet.

761 Revenge plan: Man hates to vacate apartment. Gets notice must pull down blind while undressing. Plan made, he writes back snootily and at last moment fixes shade so it won’t lower so new tenant will be catch it.

762 Shoes used as man talking to woman. Or in musical comedy cartoon.

763 Story idea: Great man dies in sleep under unusual circumstances. Unusual tribute paid to him—this as main background. (men, women, children, niggers, old men, old women. Pick some vignettes) Story told thru eyes of daughter and beau retelling their affair. She is about 25 and has been her father’s secretary. Perhaps is sick and couldn’t be told. Look out for Browning story or Hardy.

764 Play founded on Highlands:
Scene: A drug store. A woman crying.
Scene: A country club. Lover in the distance.
Scene: A hotel—3 in the afternoon. Rain.
Scene: A drug store.
Scene: A hotel room. Parting.
Scene: A hotel room showing all involved.
Scene: A drug store.
Scene: The wreck afterwards.
Scene: The drug store.

765 The going to the Riviera. The 35,000 a year. The table at Villa Marie. The attempt at adjusting swimming time. The aviation field. The garden in the morning. The Seldes. Night in St. Maxime. Feeling of proxy in passion strange encouragement. Costume—shaved legs. Invitation from the (Humersteins). Pictures of the picnic. The trip to Avignon. Down the street. The Rumanian army. He was sorry, knowing how she would pay. Bunny Burgess episode.

766 About being high up to insure direction.

767 A famous writer fakes his own death but things make him come back.
Or else he can’t.

768 G. men as Samurai class.

769 Life and death of love affairs.

770 Magician: 97 out of 100 things being the same. Says characteristic, really characteristic only of unusualness during honeynoon.

771 Josephine in War
Piggy Back Voyage
Candy Town
The Littlefields
Ball Player Possessed
The Casting Room
Revenge by making a person a dope fiend.
Siren System
The Carmagnole
Hog call
Zelda’s “not Judas.”
Jess old nigger prototype of master
Handshaking, and Pauline’s comment and mine.
Pigs and acorns
His good manners
Davenport moon-making
Tenant who sent his son through Sarycuse
The “Settlement.”
Calling cattle from one range to another

772 Old Ida finds bills and thinks they’re assets, presents and is sued and makes great reputation in her neighborhood.

773 Girl whose ear is so sensitive she can hear radio. Man gets her out of insane asylum to use her.

774 Boredom is not an end product, is comparatively rather an early stage in life and art. You’ve got to go by or past or through boredom as through a filter before the clear product emerges.

775 A man hates to be a prince, goes to Hollywood and has to play nothing but Princes. Or a general—the same.

776 He’s got ’em on his arms (Gerald’s Indian.)

777 Jackie Merkle, the mind-reader.

778 Book: It might have been me. My old idea of half truth half lie, including all notes and everything. Shoot the works.

779 I went on one of those Armistice Day bats and the girl I was with drove my car into a hotel lobby and knocked down a major. He really wasn’t hurt but he was shocked and they put me in Leavenworth to see whether he’d die or not. Only a couple of months—the girl’s father was a big man in Kansas and they acted very well about it.

780 A boy who always says about himself “I ain’t got no ker-r-ricketer, I ain’t got no self respect.” He has no confidence. Finally gets it.

781 Famous Drunks of History

782 The [thermometer] [therpapeter] and the man with his head under his arm.

783 Break up of family and mark on children

784 Scribner & Transon.

785 Vagabonds.

786 Machine gun scandal in Balkans.

787 Shooting at the Moon (play idea).

788 Virginia Graham.

789 Boat to Norfolk.

790 Begin with Connie Bennett being nice to Converse who is down and out, nicer and nicer, then jilting him.
Exact reverse of what happened to her.

791 Esquire idea about Othello’s speech.

792 Hand car in story. (Something about Carter Brown)

793 The gypsies at Hopkins.

794 “At Pauline’s”
Pure Gold,
Holy rollers, childrens’ faces, voice of preacher
Getting Sherry, Burnsville.
Fitzgeralds vs. Brownells.
Rivierra House
Your property
Zelda’s eyes
Grandfather apostles beard

795 Astonishing story of Kelly; American College in Rome to Harry’s bar and whore-house.

796 Ghost of Vercingetorix crazy man.

797 ComparisonsEurope and America— for New Yorker article. Englishman who can’t get passport.
Stockholm St. Paul and Minneapolis (Twin Cities)
London & Paris (their suburbs) New York and Washington (Long Island)
Moscow Chicago
Geneva, Munich Boston
Manchester Pittsburgh
Lyons Detroit, Los Angeles
Berlin Philadelphia
Marseilles New Orleans, San Francisco
Milan Baltimore, Cleveland
Bordeaux St. Louis

Towns and Resorts

Asheville, N.C. Tryon. Lake Placid
Oxford Princeton
Hiedelburg Univ. Virginia, Leland Stanford
French Riviera Palm Beach, Miama (Florida)
Italian “ Coronado, Santa Barbara (Calif.)
Monte Carlo Aga Caliente
Hyeres, France St. Petersburg, Fla.
St. Moritz Western Place
Aix Les Bains and Vichey Hot Springs, Va. and White Sulphur
Interlaken Lake Champlain
Deauville and Trouville The Main Coast (Kennebunkport & the 1000 Islands
Biarritz Newport R. I.
Avignon, Aix-en-Provence Charleston and Mobile
Valence (Provence) Montgomery
Brighton Atlantic City

798 Story—What becomes of old whores

799 Man has perfectly good case of hate and revenge against other—his liver (fact prepared for) falls out and it’s all changed yet he’s committed to idea—Reverse of suicide story. Or—he has to stop drinking to beat him up and no longer wants to beat him up.

800 The morning young Jackson came over about Ring on telephone

801 Play about boys from Newman

802 Play about wife and Prince Droit de Seigneur

803 Father and Polonius
Something that began from Greenland’s etc.
Whittier’s Barbara Fritchie with the words traitor and shame inked out and replaced by substitutes in the margin, and sections of Hamlet. Principly
Lend not etc.
Well, this brings up—“your father” (loan to that man)
Morgan affair. Smith parallel
My principles of loan
English cadging
Loaning in the morning
Father telling me about man who went to prison for telling lie (Shuttleworth)

804 The celebrity

805 John Jackson tries to get son to stop drinking

806 Man and crime. Through his eyes the guilty
Begin in mediores. Perhaps golf
Two ex-poor girls married to rich men try to return to former lives

807 Contemplating suicide a man does all he wants to do. Circumstances prevent and he lives in terror. But it was all good for him.

808 Basil of Bar Twenty or another

809 Josephine’s marriage or rather in Camp

810 Foley Family

811 Woman envies another for meeting Prince of Wales

812 Masseur blinded in war—Goucher wife, Baby seen through her eyes.

813 Could you have believed in 1929
That Kreuger —and Insull
That Colonel Lindbergh
That Princeton
That Hoover
That a Mob
That the Japanese
That U. S. Steel
That Spain
That the Hohenzollerns

814 Psychological movie with Rex Inghram.

815 For Esquire: Jealous husband meets wife’s lover on train. The bluff that convinces all, including the reader that the wife has “boasted.”

816 Scottie’s houseparty

817 The old “Smile for Sylvo” “Canary for two” “Dinner at Eight” theme, this time with a person ignorant of imminent and tragic parting of two lovers following them through what seems a perfect day in New York.

818 On Becoming a Bore

819 Bad parties we’ve given

820 Unattractive things girls do.

821 The Barnyard boys

822 Play—Two men alternately bored with city and country share country house.

823 For New Yorker “Getting Out.” Quiet couple go to Scarface.

824 Save the Indo-Chinese soldiers. Remember they don’t laugh.

825 Eye in back of head

826 The piano-movers. Man in one act analogistic play in­structs four waiting piano movers in the higher conception. When the piano arrives they are unable to use it.

827 The Fellows yacht scandal

828 Easy Fables for Business Men

829 Fairy play laid in 1940. The pioneer.

830 The walking seven times around the deck after the most terrible stuff. Different line for each seven times. In novel with a new woman in Section II.
Why    Explanation of each of their lives like in advertising article

831 Title for Communist Article. “The Burning of the Book” from Chinese History.

832 Story of Fred Murphy

833 “Time Lapse”
(1) Man, girl, friend. Former thinks may happen but won’t—it is happening.
(2) Later—thinks it is now. Has happened and is over.

834 The Grotesque Stories

The Horror (St. Sulpice)
The Devil (A day of my Life)
Tiggy’s Dress Suit
Dr. Fay and the three colleges

Escape and so we have the Escape Autobiography
Youth, Rich Ancestry
War (Escape from Germany capture Kaiser) and Revolution
Money making. Bull market
Flying Pacific
Marriages. Giving up Mary, Gretta, etc.
Civil murder and Dot King Case
Breaking up gangs
Writing success. Nom de Plumes
To the South Seas and back
Charming retreat at etc.
Rescues at sea, fire.
All the things I’d like to have done. And you better hurry up with the check for this or I won’t be able to pay my week’s hotel bill.

836 The great Morons of the world (their Ages)

837 New Masses. Father Baron and the nun (for an actor)

838 The Pardners

839 That September 1924, I knew something had happened that could never be repaired.

840 Clarence Brown’s stories

841 Girl married a dissipated man and keeps him in healthy seclusion. She meanwhile grows restless and raises hell on the side.

842 The Party Dress (Hergy)

843 My idea about depth in three dimension pictures about submarines.

844 Hollywood Doctor

845 This is the first of six original stories written for the Screen. They will not be offered to magazines. This is not because, in any sense, they are inferior products but because the magazines expect from this author descriptive and “mental” values rather than dramatic values. Also the lengths.

846 Trinidad: The Redlegs are the rear guard of Monmouth’s army.

847 Story about 1st flight—man can’t marry dumb girl in last flight because of eugenics. Fixes test to prove value of beauty.

848 “—I hadn’t been within miles of the lines and I was very bored and had nothing to write home. I wrote my mother that I’d just saved the lives of Pershing and Foch—that a bomb had fallen on them and I’d picked it up and thrown it away. And what did mother do but telephone the news about her brave boy to every paper in Philadelphia.”

1721 Syndicate idea
Erroneous news paragraph contributed by Miss Inform­ation.

1724 Novel Index
For Post
My Successful Year.

It is impossible to tell this story without gloating. If I attempted to tell it with the exquisite modesty, the taste of Joseph Conrad, it would be a falsification, for this story is bumptious and gluttinous—call it crude, coarse, and be done with it.

1735 Idea of play in which dolls grow older.
I Dolls new
II Dolls crisis
III Dolls older than humans.

1741 Story of Leland Hayward

1742 Story of Marion Davies

1743 For story contrast, the Magazine types.

1750 A story—
The arrival at the chateau. (Rich family arriving. Poor family in contrast.) Suggested by Gt. Amer. Fortunes.

1756 Opera plot: A youth, unjustly imprisoned and embittered, joins big mobster. Idealistically disillusioned, he is redeemed.

1761 Story—A hole or bag in which someone finds all the things he’s ever lost.

1770 The Woman’s Times.

1771 The suit beginning in 1000 about land in Naples given away by mistake for the millenium.

1778 Man playing harp as piano.

1794 Russell Woolcott’s turtle that grew and diminished

Ages 1700—1967
Monarchs Louis XIV
Philos. Voltaire
Nations Washington
Tyrants Napoleon
Peace Victoria
Science Darwin
Empire Wilson
Revolution Lenin

1803 Story idea about prison. Girl hates town. Meets convict released. Helps him and when he goes back, she does, too.

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