Theatrical Adapations of F. Scott Fitzgerald Works
by Anton Rudnev

Here you will find some information on theatrical adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald novels, short-stories and other works. There also included information on theather productions and plays based on F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald chaotic lives; they became a legend, so the dramatists are often centers at Scott and Zelda in the works concerning 1920's times, Jazz Age and Roaring Twenties' era. Not only stage performances - the radio material is included, too.

The order is chronological, descending.

2007: Veliki Gatsby [The Great Gatsby]
(play, “Zagrebacko Kazaliste Mladih”, Zagreb, Croatia)

Redatelj: Ivica Buljan. Text by F. Scott Fitzgerald, transl into Croatian by Sime Balena.
Details and some photo see here.

2007: The Camel's Back
(radio-drama, Seattle, USA)

Adaptation by J. Roth.
Performed by The Erstwhilists.
Details see here; the play is available for listening.

2006: The Great Gatsby
(play, “Seattle Repertory Theatre - Bagley Wright Theatre”, Seattle, USA)

Adaptation by Simon Levy.
November 2 – December 10, 2006.

2005: Waiting for the Moon
(biographical musical, “Lenape Regional Performing Arts Center”, Marlton, NJ, USA)

Music by Frank Wildhorn and lyrics by Jack Murphy.
Production: “Lenape Regional Performing Arts Center”, Marlton, NJ, USA. More information see in WIKIpedia article.

2005: Meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald
(biographical play, released on DVD, USA)

A One-man Play.
Directed by Larry Vanderveen, starring Larry Vanderveen.
The performance was filmed and released directly on DVD.

2004: The Last Party: Scott Fitzgerald’s Last Day
(biographical musical, “Takarazuka Review”, Tokyo, Japan)

Produced by Takarazuka Review Co., 2004, Tokyo.
Скотт Фицджеральд / ЯМАТО (Блестящий американский писатель появившийся в литературном мире в 20-е годы) Ямато Юга
Зельда Фицджеральд / КАНАМИ (жена Скотта; девушка которая стала героиней его романов) Аяно Канами
Шэйла Грэм / АКИ (Любовница Скотта в последние годы его жизни; голливудская журналистка) Ицуминэ Аки
Максвелл Перкинс / МИСАТО Мисато Майя
Доктор / НАЦУ Нацу Хироми
Эрнест Хемингуэй / РЁГА Рёга Харухи
Фрэнсис Скотт (Скотти) Фицджеральд / АНН (Единственная дочь Фицджеральдов) Сакихана Ан
Эдуар Жозан / ЦУКИОКА (Летчик, офицер французской армии; страстное увлечение Зельды) Цукиока Нанао
Секретарь Перкинса / МИСАКИ Цукиширо Мисаки
Лора Гатри / МАЙРА (Секретарша Скотта) Микадзэ Майра
Луис Моран / МИТО (Голливудская актриса; любовница Скотта) Аясэ Мито
Репортер / ЯКУМО Якумо Мика
Женщина доктор / АКО Ооми Ако
Мальчик парижанин / МИМАКИ Мимаки Сакьё
Студент в парке / СУДЗУ Судзу Харуки
The production is filmed and available on DVD (except on YouTube), even in two versions: by Cosmos and Moon troopes.

2004: Zelda the Musical / Beautiful and Damned
(biographical musical, “Lyric Theater”, London, UK)

Music by Les Reed and Roger Cook.
Starred Michael Praed and Helen Anker (London Cast).
The musical has run at Lyric Theatre, London from May 10 till August 14, 2004.
The production has been filmed and available for viewing on YouTube; there also released the CD with Composer's concept album (label STAGE 9024).
2023 UPDATE: The production was re-christened as Zelda the Musical and will premiere in New York in August 2023 (it will be performed at 54 Below).

2003: Tender is The Night
(radio-drama, BBC - radio 4, UK)

Adaptation in two-parts by Michael Hastings.

2001: Angel's Trumpet
(biographical play, “Theatre Junction”, Calgary, Canada)

A One-act play, by Sharon Pollock.
Published as a book. See some photos and notes here.

1999: The Great Gatsby
(opera, “The Metropolitan Opera”, NY, USA)

Words and music by John Harbison; song lyrics by Murray Horwitz.
The opera premiered on December 20, 1999.
The libretto has been published New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1999

1996: The Great Gatsby
(ballet, “The Pittsburgh Ballet”, Pittsburgh, USA)

Scenario and choreography by Bruce Wells; original music by Michael Moricz; scenery and costume design by Peter Farmer.
The ballet premiered on 25 April 1996.

1991: The Great Gatsby
(musical, “Takarazuka Review”, Tokyo, Japan)

Scripted and directed by Schinichizo Koike.
Produced by Takarazuka Review Co. Aug. 8 - Sep. 17; Dec.3-26, 1991, Tokyo.
The production is filmed and available on DVD.

1984: I Don't Want to be Zelda Anymore
(biographical play, “Actors Repertory Theater”, New York City, USA)

Play, by by Marty Martin.
Cast: Margie Bolding as Zelda.
Production was filmed on July 23, 1984 and is available for viewing on YouTube.

1982: Bernice Bobs Her Hair

A One-act Play, by D. D. Brooke.
Adapted from the classic short story of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Production: unknown.
Play published Chicago: The Dramatic Publishing Company, 1982

1979: The World of F. Scott Fitzgerald
(biographical radio-play, National Radio Theatre of Chicago, WNYC.-FM, NY, USA)

Radio play. (8 parts, 1hr each)

1975: Private Affairs: A Dream Of Living
(biographical play, BBC, UK)

Starred David Hemmings as Fitzgerald.
The performance was filmed and released on DVD "Midnight in Manhatten".

1973: Scott & Zelda
(biographical play, Theatre De Lys, NY, USA)

Play, by Paul Hunter.
Production: unknown.
Play published in Russian translation as «Интервью с Ф. Скоттом Фицджеральдом» in Teatr magazine 1980, № 1.

1958: Three Hours Between Planes
(play and TV-adaptation)

A play in one act, by Elihu Winer.
Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Production: unknown.
Play published New York: Samuel French Inc., 1958
Episode 9 of Season 3 (Three Hours Between Planes) of "Lux Video Theatre" TV-show, aired on Oct. 27, 1952, is based on this play. Cast: Lilli Palmer as Nancy, Joseph Anthony as Donald.

1956: The Young and Beautiful
(play and TV-adaptation)

A play in three acts, by Sally Benson.
Based on the Saturday Evening Post Josephine short stories.
Play published: New York: Samuel French Inc., 1956
Production: Williamstown Theatre Foundaion, Inc. July 3 - July 7, 1956 (see here some photos).
Episode 14 of Season 8 (The Young and the Beautiful) of "Robert Montgomery Presents" TV-show, aired on Dec. 10, 1956, is based on this play. Cast: Lee Remick as Josephine.

1955: Biography in sound - F. Scott Fitzgerald
(biography radio-program, CBS, USA)

#22 in series. Broadcasted on 06-28-55 (repeated on 09-20-55 and 02-19-57).

1949: This Side Of Paradise
(radio-drama, NBC University theatre, USA)

Broadcasted on 1949-07-30.

1949: Babylon Revisited
(radio-drama, NBC University theatre, USA)

Broadcasted on 1948-05-18.

1949: The Last Tycoon
(radio-drama, Studio One, USA)

Broadcasted on 1948-05-18.

1947 and 1948: The Diamond As Big As The Ritz
(radio-drama, CBS (Escape), USA)

Broadcasted on 1947-07-21 and 1948-08-29 (repeated live in studio, other voices).

1947: The Last Tycoon
(radio-drama, CBC (Scenario Productions), USA)

CBC (Stage Series), adapted by Hugh Kemp.
Starring: Lloyd Bochner, Dianne Foster, John Drainie and others.
Produced and Directed by Andrew Allan.
Original Music Composed by Lucio Agostini.

1926: The Great Gatsby
(play and film adaptation)

The play by by Owen Davis.
Cast: Jay Gatsby - James Rennie.
Production: “Ambassador” Theatre, NY, USA (ran for 112 performances in 1926).
There exists an unpublished typescript; it is at the Library of Congress, USA.
The 1926 The Great Gatsby movie was based on this production.

Information on Russian theaters.