Comments on short stories from “These Stories Went to Market” (ed. Vernon McKenzie: New York: McBride; 1935)
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald has supplied these comments in regard to the origin of four of his best-known short stories:

Baby Party: Went to one—saw just a moment of bitterness between two women. Was drawn in spiritually on wife's side. Imagined the same scene among stupid people with less self-control—and its consequences. Also Maupassant's ‘Piece of String.’ Imagination.

Rags Martin Jones: Struck by personality of girl just home from Europe and hating America. Also gossip about Prince of Wales. Invention.

Absolution: Memory of time when as a boy told a lie in confession. Also glimpse of a very bored passionate celibate priest one day. Imagination.

Winter Dreams: Memory of a fascination in a visit paid to very rich aunt in Lake Forest. Also my first girl 18-20 whom I've used over and over and never forgotten. Imagination.”

Published in These Stories Went to Market. edited by Vernon McKenzie (New York: McBride, 1935, page XVIII).

Not illustrated.