Lines on Reading Through an Autograph Album
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald 1937

Carmel and Ralph (four grand guys)
Paid plenty soap for these sweet lies
Poured plenty gin to make this collection
Cut plenty cake to win this “affection.”
Lots of these “darlings,” lots of these “dears”
Foamed from the tops of costly beers.
How many men who shook hands like fishes
Winked when they set down these lovely wishes?

Minds clearly vacant—thoughts quite alarming
Charming—charming—OH SO CHARMING!
Watch them—see their elbows bend,
Fill ’em up again and they call you FRIEND.
There’s just one who is real sincere
That man who is writing here
Thinks you’re a likely lad and lass
(Hey gal, please fill up that glass).
Pages sad with remembered dead
Who have drunk your wine and broken your bread.
Sign right here, boys, please don’t shove,
 “Sweetest people” Love—Love—LOVE.
But they couldn’t very well all be liars
So there must be something about these Myers.
Oh! What a faux-pas! Sure am, dumb.
What was that name now? Bloom or Blum?

Published in Park East magazine (May 1951).

Not illustrated.