To Harvey H. Smith
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

January 9, 1939

Dear Harvey:—
… only a note from Sap Donohoe at Coronado and a short visit with Bert Hormone whom I hadn’t seen since Triangle Days. He came out here first with the Federal Theatre project, was spotted by Selznick I believe and took a test for the part of Rhett Butler. The rumor is that they wanted somebody with a more roguish face and Bert still has the same bland innocence of twenty years ago. New Year’s I saw him again in the front row at the Trojan-Duke game. He was cheering on his sophomore son who is Tipton’s substitute and expected to be a big shot next year. When I asked Bert about the disloyalty he gave the usual alibi “Princeton was too hard to get in to.” I understand how he feels because my off-spring couldn’t get into Princeton either—so this fall she went to Vassar instead.

Best wishes always.
Scott Fitzg

Published in Princeton Alumni Weekly newspaper (XXXIX, February 3, 1939, p. 369). Public Letter to Harvey H. Smith (Secretary, Class of ‘17).

Not illustrated.