Film Adaptations of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Works
by Anton Rudnev

The Camel's Back:

Conductor 1492 (1924)

This deft combination comedy-melodrama tells the story of Terry O'Toole, a spirited son of the Emerald Isle who departs his hometown and his proud papa and heads of to America to seek his fortune. Terry quickly finds himself in the small midwestern town of Loteda, where he settles in at Mrs. Murphys rooming house and secures work as the motorman of a trolley operated by the Loteda Traction Company. He befriends and then saves the life of the sweet young son of the company president. Then he falls in love with the company presidents equally lovable daughter. Most telling of all is the unlikely role he comes to play in a bitter dispute over who will get to control the company. This battle is raging between the president and his less-than-honorable vice president. The film contains many hilarious comic set pieces. Perhaps the funniest tells what happens when Terry, garbed only in his underwear, is accidentally locked out of his room. To avoid being seen by his fellow boarders, he promptly and ever-so-cleverly masquerades as a chair! At the same time the finale, which involves a high-speed motor chase and deadly fire, is nothing short of rousing.

Studio: Warner Brothers.
Director: Charles and Frank Hines.
Adapted (Screenplay) by unknown, not listed.
Starring: Johnny Hines.
Running Time: 74 minutes.

Tavi Zadok (1979)

(not available online)

Czekhoslovakian TV-Drama.

Studio: Ceskoslovenska televizia Bratislava, Hlavna redakcia literarno dramatickeho vysielania uvadza (CSSR - Slovakia).
Director: Peter Mikulik.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Milan Lasica, Julius Satinsky.
Starring: Milan Lasica, Magda Vasaryova, Julius Satinsky and others.
Running Time: 62 minutes.

Babylon Revisited:

The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).
Director: Richard Brooks, produced by: Jack Cummings.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Julius J. Epstein, Phillip G. Epstein (based on original F. Scott Fitzgerald screenplay "Cosmopolitan").
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon.
Running Time: 116 minutes.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (1988)

Sincere 80's story about successful drama authors returning to his homeland-Australia to reunite with his wife and daughter.

Studio: Boulevard Films.
Director: Pino Amenta.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Frank Howson.
Starring: John Waters, Penelope Stewart, Nicki Paull, Kim Gyngell, Ross Thompson, Kevin Miles, Helen McDonald, William Ten Eyck, Andrew McFarlane, Jacinta Stapleton, Jess Harnell, Elizabeth Lamers, James Lee Stanley, Peter Lindsay, Ian Catchlove, Jon Concannon, Scott Lucy, Anita Rasa, Ron Pinnell, Jeremy Kewley, Paige Livingston, Carrie Zivetz, Lance Strauss, Bill Stacey, Kurt von Schneider, Sally-Ann Read, John Smith, Ian McFadyen, John Samaha.
Running Time: 94 minutes.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair:

Bernice Bobs Her Hair (1976)

TV production.

Studio: PBS (American Short Story Collection) - Learning in Focus, William Dern Associates.
Director: Joan Micklin Silver.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Joan Micklin Silver .
Starring: Shelley Duvall, Veronica Cartwright, Bud Cort.
Running Time: 49 minutes.

Indianske Leto (1995)

Indie film; the story develops at Czech province in early 80's.

Studio: Ceska Televize, Negativ, Reininger Production (Czech Republic).
Director: Sasa Gedeon.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Indianske Leto.
Starring: Tatiana Vilhelmova, Klara Issova, Robert Stepanek.
Running Time: 65 minutes.

The Dance:

The Dance (1953)

All actors are white, the charlestone is danced.

Studio: CBS Television Network "Suspense" TV-show (December 8, 1953, season 6, episode 11).
Director: Robert Mulligan.
Adapted (Screenplay) by James P. Cavanagh.
Starring: John Baragrey, Katharine Bard, June Walker, Sallie Gracie, Elizabeth York, G. Albert Smith, William Smithers.
Running Time: 30 minutes (with three blocks of commercials).

Winter Dreams:

Winter Dreams (1957)

Dexter tells Judy about his love remembering his past, then kisses her telling that it is just a dream and leaves her. The performance is great

Studio: CBS Television Network "Playhouse 90" TV-show (May 23, 1957, season 1, episode 34).
Director: John Frankenheimer.
Adapted (Screenplay) by James P. Cavanagh.
Starring: John Cassavetes, Dana Wynter, Darryl Hickman and others.
Running Time: 73 minutes (without commercials).

Crazy Sunday:

Crazy Sunday (1962)

Studio: NBC, Four Star Productions, "The Dick Powell Theater" TV-show (December 18, 1962, season 2, episode 12).
Director: Jeffrey Hayden.
Adapted (Screenplay) by James Poe.
Starring: Rip Torn, Dana Andrews, Vera Miles; the production is announced by David Nieven (Gatsby in 1949 adaptation).
Running Time: 50 minutes (without commercials).

The Last of the Belles:

F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’ (1974)

TV movie, two stories: Scott and Zelda's love story, and the second - Sally short-story adaptation.

Studio: ABC, Titus Productions.
Director: George Schaefer.
Adapted (Screenplay) by James Costigan.
Starring: Susan Sarandon, Richard Chamberlain, Veronica Catwright.
Running Time: 94 minutes.

Myra Meets His Family:

Under the Biltmore Clock (1985)

TV movie.

Studio: PBS, American Playhouse production.
Director: Neal Miller.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Ilene Cooper.
Starring: Sean Young, Lenny Von Dohlen, Barnard Hughes.
Running Time: 80 minutes.

Pat Hobby Series:

Pat Hobby Teamed with Genius (1987)

TV movie; Doc Braun from "Back to the Future" is Pat Hobby. This is a part of Hollywood Mini-series Tales from the Hollywood Hills. Series includes:
1987 - (1) Pat Hobby Teamed with Genius, (2) Natica Jackson (Michelle Pfeiffer, - story by John O'Hara), (3) A Table at Ciro's (story by Budd Schulberg); 2 and 3 series were later united to form the "Power, Passion and Murder" video-release.
1988 - (1) The Old Reliable (P. G. Wodehouse story), (2) Golden Land (Leslie Hope, W. Faulkner's story), (3) Closed Set (Rita Moreno).

Studio: PBS, Tales from the Hollywood Hills TV-show, KCET, Zenith Entertainment.
Director: Rob Thompson.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Rob Thompson.
Starring: Christopher Lloyd, Colin Firth, Joseph Campanella.
Running Time: 55 minutes.

Gretchen's Forty Winks:

Ako si Greticka trochu zdriemla (1988)

(not available online)

Slovac TV drama.

Studio: Slovenska televizia Bratislava, Hlavna redakcia literarno dramatickeho vysielania uvadza (CSSR - Slovakia).
Director: Lubomir Vajdicka.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Lubomir Vajdicka.
Starring: Martin Huba, Zdena Studenkova, Michal Docolomansky.
Running Time: 32 minutes.

One Of My Oldest Friends:

Einer Meiner altesten Freunde (1994)

(not available online)

German Movie, 1990's set for the story.

Studio: Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Claussen & Wobke Filmproduktion GmbH.
Director: Rainer Kaufmann.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Kathrin Richter, Ralf Hertwig.
Starring: Richy Muller, Maria Schrader, Peter Lohmeyer.
Running Time: 79 minutes.

The Sensible Thing:

The Sensible Thing (1996)

American TV movie; it has even it's personal web-page in 2000's.

Studio: PBS Pictures, American Storytellers.
Director: Elise Robertson.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Elise Robertson.
Starring: Jason Cole, Kristina Robbins.
Running Time: 30 minutes.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Well, nearly three hours of this Oscar-winning fantasy. But I really don't know if Scott Fitzgerald ever heard of Russian Murmansk town. Here's the screenplay for this movie.

Studio: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company.
Director: David Fincher.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Eric Roth, Robin Swicord; screenplay is easily available onlain.
Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton.
Running Time: 166 minutes.

The Beautiful and Damned:

The Beautiful and Damned (2008)

Some radical fantasy of Australian director. Close to original plot, but set in 2000's (sex, drugs and a little violence). Indie movie, so to say

Studio: Accent Film, Ontological Pictures (Австралия).
Director: Richard Wolstencroft.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Richard Wolstencroft.
Starring: Daniel Armstrong, John Brumpton, Brian Canham.
Running Time: 95 minutes.

Three Hours Between Planes:

Three Hours Between Planes (1982)

The director of this actually a cameraman; set in 1980's.

Studio: independant movie.
Director: Yves Goustard.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Yves Goustard.
Starring: Dale Tarter, Diane Lander.
Running Time: 22 minutes.

Three Hours Between Planes (2013)

Lisa Cuddy is actually not from Princeton Plainsboro. Don't tell Dr. House unless he'll be very upset.

Studio: Native Pictures, Finite Films and TV.
Director: Antony Easton.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Hugh Burns, Antony Easton.
Starring: Lisa Edelstein and James Le Gros.
Running Time: 16 minutes.

The Offshore Pirate:

The Offshore Pirate (2013)

Welcome to Rarotonga, of Cook Islands. Ardita is here, and tropics are, too.

Studio: Film Raso, Marabon Pictures and Stone vs. Stone (Cook Islands).
Director: Eric Heimbold.
Adapted (Screenplay) by Robert Stone, Webster Stone.
Starring: Joyana Meyer, Alex Teariki Olah, Tua Pittman.
Running Time: 30 minutes.

Перевод: Экранизации произведений Ф. Скотта Фицджеральда (Антон Руднев).