S.P.A. Men In College Athletics
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

For a school of from forty to sixty pupils the S.P.A. has more than held its own in supplying athletes to the colleges in all sports, but especially in football and hockey.

Probably the one of whom we have most to be proud is Springer Brooks, left end on the Yale varsity in 1910. Though he is not a graduate of the Academy, he attended school here for some time and received his A in football and hockey. In his junior year at Yale he was substitute left end on the squad and played through most of the West Point game and a large part of the Princeton game. That same year he went out for the skating honors and won his H in hockey. In his senior year he again went out for the football team and made regular left end. He was picked by several eastern newspaper men for the All-American team.

Another alumnus of St. Paul Academy is Carl Schunneman, who went to Yale Sheffield. He made the varsity crew in 1906 and rowed in the Yale—Harvard race, the same year. In 1908 he coached the freshman crew, but on account of ill health was forced to resign this position.

Next in the scale of prominence comes Roger Shepard, ’05, who played on the Yale hockey varsity two years ago. This man, together with Conrad Driscoll, made a reputation for himself in hockey, and both were considered two of the best players in the country.

Milton Lightner, ’05, was a long-distance man on the Yale track team and was considered one of the fastest men in college.

Hosmer Horton, right half-back on the Academy team of 1909, won his numerals by playing right-half on the Michigan freshman team of this year.

Bob Power, guard on the team of 1909, played guard on the Williams freshmen and acquitted himself very creditably.

“Gis” Wight, 1909, played a half on the Yale second team this year, while Paul Frye played end for awhile last year on the Minnesota freshmen, but quit on account of his studies.

Arthur Driscoll was on his class crew at Yale and his younger brother, Teddy, played half and afterwards full on the Hill football team of 1909.

Preston White was manager of the Football Association at Yale, and the same year Milton Griggs was manager of the Yale track team.

Published in St. Paul Academy Now and Then magazine (December 1910).

Not illustrated.