The Notebooks
of F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Y) Youth and Army

1641 Bobby’s motorcycle and cigarette case.

1642 Club elections in 1915 were in the worst snow storm in years. Found that out 20 years afterwards, but remember chasing Sap thru the snow.

1643 The forced march.
The rides to see Zelda
The thief at Leavenworth
The missing material
The scene with sergeants.

1644 Once in his youth he had been a boy scout for a month, but all he remembered was the scout call, “Zinga, Zinga Bom-Bom.”

1645 I can read faster than almost anybody, much faster than any of those nasty little girls in Vanilla that think they can read so fast, the big smarties! I read “When Patty Went to College,” when some girls don’t read it till they’re ten.

1646 “Don’t touch me,” she said quickly. “You’ve been handling money.”
“But not in my mouth, mother,” he protested humorously.

1647 They sat, as they had so often, in a row on the steps, surrounded, engulfed, drowned in summer.

1648 Now, in the relief, the parents grew angry with Josephine as with a child who has toddled under galloping horses.

1649 There was a flurry of premature snow in the air and the stars looked cold. Staring up at them he saw that they were his stars as always—symbols of ambition, struggle and glory. The wind blew through them, trumpeting that high white note for which he always listened, and the thin-brown clouds, stripped for battle, passed in review. The scene was of an unparalleled brightness and magnificence, and only the practiced eye of the commander saw that one star was no longer there.

1650 Mrs. Perry was a vague lady. She knew that Josephine was going to be in some amateur play and she imagined vaguely that it was under the personal supervision of the University professors with the President himself probably popping in and out at rehearsals.

1651 Mary Pulipitut, Sherba Thene, Jane Refile, Miss Trigor.

1652 Johnson, Pettijohn, Radamacher, Rosenwald, Walker (2) McGovern.

1653 “I always say ’Entre’ “, Scotty.

1654 Going down to Carling’s restaurant to drink whiskey, wines and beer. Perhaps on her way back to the lake after the dance, Minnie, passing by, would see his face among the wildest of the revelers and understand. “I’m going to Maxim’s,” he hummed to himself desperately; then he added impatiently, “Oh, to heck with Maxim’s!”

1655 Who called me Fitzboomski during Russo-Jap war?

1656 Children’s lack of emotion as we know it is healthy.

1657 Six authors in search of a character (Newman School)

1658 Sir Tonsidor.

1659 Dressing in Curtain.

1660 Aunt Clara scrubbing my feet

1661 Candle grease, Alley’s room, Grandma and dog, lettuce, Revue de Deux Mondes

1662 Sap and national debt

1663 Shame at the inequality by Hooker and Scarlett covered by deep seriousness and lowering of eyes.
Innocence—appreciated by outsiders and unconsciously exploited—Byles etc.
Faint Homosexuality unconscious hero worship involved.

1664 Scotty—When I was four years old and you were in the habit of spanking for me.

1665 Chemical Experiences (Scotty’s word)

1666 Eating Garlic

1667 Great Big Fat Dumbbell

1668 The Mome

1669 I kiss the two parents

1670 Scotty preoccupated

1671 Playing movie actress

1672 Freak of nature

1673 The days of blazers and two sorts of telephones

1674 Scott Fitzgerald so they say
Goes a-courting night and day

1675 Playing with yo-yos in the drug store walking the dog ditto

1676 Presently Iris told them a joke.
“In the bus,” she said, “there was a man who wanted to get up. Well, thinking himself intelligent, he asked the conducteur, ’Your Noel’s arch, is it complete?! and the conducteur said, ’Yes, now we have the donkey, will you climb?’ “
Morgan and Frieda looked at each other frankly. It was less intelligible than it would have been in its native French though certain words sounded familiar. Noel’s arch for instance.
“Don’t you see,” explained Iris, “the Noel’s arch would be complete because he was a donkey.”
This was more confusing than before.
“Could she mean Noah’s Arc?”
“Of course. And the conductor said that with the addition of the donkey it would be complete. Very good, Iris—tell me another.”
“They don’t sound as funny in French as in English.”
“No,” Morgan agreed, “perhaps not.”

1677 Excursion to Concarnneau, a beautiful seaport. Is famous for its blue fishing nets when all the brilliant of the colours are gathered together under the sunbeams it is magnificent. (Scotty)

1678 …the essential is that it doesn’t rain...Pouah!

1679 The sea blue with green nightgowns and white nightcaps. Mile, is waiting for the water to get warmer to go in. I think she can wait a whole century for that miracle.

1680 And the socks were long because the dress was short—it simply wasn’t becoming to show so much flesh. If the dress were longer the socks could be shorter, did Madame see?

1681 Dearie
Stay in your own back yard
Waiting at the church
Tropic color
Kiss me good night
I’m Romeo
Oh moonbeam light and airy
Bamboo tree

1682 McKibben, Driscoll and Dorsey. French, Van Slyke McConville.

1683 My buckboard

1684 Alley’s razor

1685 Banjo lessons

1686 The Mormon who came to see me at Aunt A’s in St. Paul

1687 “Everybody works” and “I’m the guy”

1688 “Dear old fellow
I may inform you that I received your note. But can also inform you that the place where I stay is Le Poildu and not La Poildu. Amen. I play every afternoon in the garden with a little girl who lives in the hotel. When we climbed on the top of a toll sort of thing we had a magnificent view of the country all around. Brittany is a really very pretty place. Very many laboureurs, workers, farmers with their wives, farmers and washers. You can see rocks and rocks with the night-capped waves attaching them. I hope you have the same exquisite site. I am learning tennis with a very good teacher at the Union sportive de la poel.
Oug! Aie! there is the cat Dicky who is putting his claws into my innocent skin of my delicious self.”
There followed a portrait of Dickie “seen of face and of side” and the letter bore the signature “Iris, your delicious daughter”
P.S. I just left this note on Mile’s bureau “Puisque vous me faites le supplice de Pruneaux delivrey-moi des gouttes dan le nez. I hope she will have pity.”
Morgan opened one of the “weekly newspapers” that Iris had made for him when she was away en Brittainy last summer:
The loo Pieces of New News
India is in a bad case
Yesterday the english king spoke of a complete defeat among the indians the defeat of Calicut is terrible for us
We will sadly announce that Mrs. Iris Parklings’ reverend daughter, Miss Marie-Antoinette Parkling who came from Bellagio, Italy, had to go yesterday to the doll hospital. Her arm came straight off during her school recess while she was tumbling over a pile of comrades.
Fine Arts
The new fantasy of Miss Iris Parkling.
The well-known actress has had a fantasy these last days and has wanted to by clay to undertake schulpture. She wants to model a head of Mlle. her most complaisant poser.

1689 Fitzgerald’s livery stable

1690 Jimmie and me kissing Marie and Elizabeth, and the sprained ankle.

1691 Gave up spinach for Lent

1692 “Idioglossea” what Driscoll twins had.

1693 May I take the key

1694 Sing Song at Yacht Club

1695 Candy being distributed in youth—“Oh come on you know me.”

1696 You’re liable to get a bullet the side of the head.

1697 Foxy Grampa

1698 Sis Hopkins

1699 Mrs. Wiggs

1700 My lady sips from her satin shoe

1701 Since he rode into Brussels in a staff car in October 1918

1702 It all seemed very familiar to me, probably it was like some hay ride of my youth.

1703 Thirteen
Me: What? Did they separate the sexes at the play?
Scotty: Daddy—don’t be vulgar!

1704 Curious nostalgia about Pam, Anne of Green Gables, ets.

1705 Her eyes, dark and intimate, seemed to have wakened at the growing brilliance of the illuminations overhead; there was the promise of excitement in them now, like the promise of the cooling night.

1706 with a bad complexion brooding behind a mask of cheap pink powder

1707 As the car rose, following the imagined curve of the sky, it occured to Basil how much he would have enjoyed it in other company, or even alone, the fair twinkling beneath him with new variety, the velvet quality of the darkness that is on the edge of light and is barely permeated by its last attenuations. Again they reached the top of the wheel and the sky stretched out overhead, again they lapsed down through gusts of music from remote calliopes

1708 When I was young the boys in my street still thought that Catholics drilled in the cellar every night with the idea of making Pius the ninth autocrat of this republic.

1709 She and I used to sit at the piano and sing. We were eighteen so whenever we came to the embarrassing words “lovey-dovey” or “tootsie-wootsie” or “passion” in the lyric, we would obliterate the indelicacy by hurried humming.

1710 Among the more Jazzy of the Themes in Annabel’s convent composition book, I found “Earthquakes,” “Italy,” “St. Francis Xavier.” The subjects had a familiar ring.

1711 Father Barrow told me of a pious nun who opened the regents examinations in advance and showed it to her class so that Catholic children might make a good showing to the glory of God.

1712 Young Alec Seymore wrote a story and read it to me. It was about a murderer who after the crime was “greatly abashed at what he had done.”

1713 Notes of Childhood:
Make a noise like a hoop and roll away
She’s neat ha ha
Grandfather’s whiskers
Aha, she laughed
Annex rough house
Hume against Lock
Changing Voice
Hot dogs
Hair oily and pumps from notes
Miss Sweet’s school
Folwell Paulson
Each Bath
Writing in class
It’s one thing to call a man
Story of dirty shirt
Trick show lemonade stand

Baby’s Arms Buttercup
Tulip Time Rose of No Man’s Land
Dardenella How You Going to Keep ’em
Hindustan Long Long Trail
After You’ve Gone Mlle from Armentieres
I’m Glad I could Make My Buddy
Smiles Home Fires
Down to Meet You in a Taxi Want to go home
Shimmee Madelon
Wait Till the Cows Come Home Joan of Arc
Shimmee Shake or Tea Over There
So Long Letty We Don’t Want the Melon
Why do they call them babies God Help Kaiser Bill
Goodbye Alexander Belguim Rose
Nobody Knows All around the Barnyad Rag
Dear Heart  
Pretty girl like melody (1920)  

1715 Poem
Une fois
ma mere a moi
habitait pres de Java
mais je ne suis pas
une javanaise. Reflechissey—y tout a votre. Elle vivait
dans une cabane
aise reconvene de feuilles de banane
une fois j’allais la voir
avec un petit chien noir
car la bas il n’e ont que des blancs
avec des poils vert a leur flancs.
Une Maison de ler arrondissement est a vendre a la mairee
au bas prix
de 12 louis Ainsi disont une petite bonhomme du ler
seizieme siecles (Scottie)

1716 Italian woman who stole my boat at Placid

1749 Three outside phones )
                                         )—In Scottie’s house.
       Three inside phones )

1774 The Bowes children were excited to ride in a train—plane commonplace.

1789 Mimi McLeish on “Little Masters & Little Monsters”.

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