The Notebooks
of F. Scott Fitzgerald

(R) Rough Stuff

1390 My mind is the loose cunt of a whore, to fit all genitals.

1391 His bowels, heavy with the night’s catch groaned out new scenes.

1392 A man giving up the idea of himself as a hero. Perhaps picking his nose in a can.

1393 You can’t take the son of a plough manufacturer, clip off his testicles and make an artist of him.

1394 “Did you ever see squirrels yincing?” he asked her suddenly.

1395 Scenario hacks having removed all life from a story substituting the stink of life—a fart, a loose joke, a dirty jeer. How they do it.

1396Apology to Ogden Nash:
Every California girl has lost at least one ovary
And none of them has read Madame Bovary.

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